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Term date sources - Tasmania

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2015-2018 term dates

See our term dates and school holidays tables for:
Term dates and holidays 2015-2018

See also the Department of Education's Term dates page.
TasLearn and Department of Education, Tasmania School terms information for 2015 was first published in the Minister's media release of 11 December 2012, but note the subsequent 23 July 2013 amendment.

(The document
Four-term model for 2013-15 [xls file] should now be ignored.)

The term dates for 2016 to 2018 were first published in the Minister's media release of 19 July 2014.

If planning for travel to be undertaken during school holidays make sure you continue to check the DoE's term dates page just in case there are any changes to the dates. This page is the official source of Tasmanian term dates information.

Term dates for 2019, 2020, 2021 and beyond

Not yet available The term dates for 2019 and beyond have not yet been set (as at 1 January 2015). However, you can see the Easter dates on our Term dates and school holidays page.

In setting future term dates issues may arise over the Regatta Day holiday (for southern Tasmania) and the effect on inter-state travel and tourism of the break between Terms 3 and 4.
Earlier term dates (2013-2014)
Government schools and colleges.
our Past term dates page
TasLearn Four-term school years (with a shortened Easter break) commenced in Tasmania in 2013.
BROCHURE: What does four terms mean for your family? [pdf]
Note that the term dates listed in this brochure are for 2013.
Staff dates (DoE)
our Term dates and school holidays page
the DoE Term Dates page

Department of Education, Tasmania ISOLATED AREAS:
The end-of-year finishing date for teachers in schools in ISOLATED areas is covered by:

Teaching Service (Tas Public Sector) Award [pdf]
This award states that teachers in schools in isolated areas finish on the same day as students (page 7) and defines "isolated" to include King Island, Flinders Island, Cape Barren Island, Maria Island and Bruny Island (page 26).
Catholic schools
For the 2015 term dates for Tasmanian Catholic schools see:
Catholic Education: term dates

Tasmanian Catholic Education Office  
Independent schools
See the suggestions at the right.

The Association of Heads of Independent Schools has published (government school) state-by-state lists of term dates for 2015 (and a future page for 2016) which they stress is to be used as a guide only. However, it would be advisable to check with relevant schools individually.
Individual independent schools Term dates for independent schools are not set on a statewide basis. Click on the required school in this Wikipedia list of independent schools then find the required school's website under "External links" or "References" (otherwise use Google to search for the school's website). School phone numbers are in the Schools Registration Board of Tasmania's list.
Tasmanian private school term dates
See Catholic schools or Independent
immediately above.

Other date sources - Tasmania

Web page Provided by - Comment
Public Holidays in Tasmania
Workplace Standards Tasmania Public holidays 2012-2016
Public Holiday Dates Tasmania 2013 (pdf)
Public Holiday Dates Tasmania 2014
Public Holiday Dates Tasmania 2015
Public Holiday Dates Tasmania 2016
Workplace Standards Tasmania Includes rules to determine the days on which the holidays occur
Daylight saving in Tasmania Department of Premier and Cabinet Includes information about daylight saving dates other states as well.
Note that the correct term is "daylight saving", not "daylight savings". (See timeanddate.com.)
Tasmanian agricultural show dates
Agricultural Show Council of Tasmania Show dates. (For Show Day public holidays see Public Holidays in Tasmania)
Farmpoint: Calendar of events DPIPWE (Tasmanian Department of Primary Industries, Parks, Water and Environment) Link on the FarmPoint website
Agfest dates (currently unavailable) Agfest
Tasmanian Event Calendar Tourism Tasmania Discover Tasmania website
TasAthletics Calendar Athletics Tasmania Note that you can select the calendars of individual athletics groups if you wish.
SPSSA Calendar Southern Primary Schools Sports Association  
Wildlife and Natural Events Calendar Tourism Australia document Discover Tasmania website
Parliament sitting dates:
House of Assembly sitting schedules
Legislative Council sitting schedules
Parliament of Tasmania  

Date sources - Australia-wide

Web page Provided by - Comment
Lists of 2015 public holidays
Fair Work Ombudsman (Australian Government) Provides public holidays for each state
Lists of 2014 and 2015 public holidays australia.gov.au (Australian Government) Provides public holidays for each state
Easter Sunday dates to 2049 gmarts.org Use the first table, titled "Western Easter Sunday dates".
Australian daylight saving Australian Government States the general rule
Daylight Saving AllDownUnder.com  
NAPLAN testing dates ACARA (Australian Curriculum, Assessment and Reporting Authority) Provides the May three-day testing periods up to 2020.From 2016 the testing periods may be extended beyond three days.
Rock Eisteddfod dates (latest)
(Website apparently not working, 28 Jan 2014)
Rock Eisteddfod Challenge Foundation This story appears to indicate the Rock Eisteddfod will be run only in NSW and Vic in 2013: SMH, 29 Jan 2013.
Australian school term dates Australian Government Term dates web pages for all states and territories.*
Australian School Terms for 2015
Australian School Terms for 2016
AllDownUnder.com Schedules of term dates for all states and territories*
Australian School Term Dates Our Community Pty Ltd In a single table provides the term dates for all states and territories till 2017 where known.*
Aust Depts of Education: Term dates pages:
ACT  NSW  NT  Qld+Qld  SA  Tas  Vic  WA
Various state and territory education departments NSW - Use the drop-down box to find 2015 and 2016
Qld - Scroll down for a link to 2016-2020 dates (but it is currently not working, 5 May 2014)
WA - For 2014 choose "Current Dates". For 2015-2019 choose "Future Dates".
Calendar timeanddate.com Choose the year required. Includes Moon phases
Calendar and holidays in Australia 2014
Calendar and holidays in Australia 2015
Calendar and holidays in Australia 2016
Calendar and holidays in Australia 2017
Calendar and holidays in Australia 2018
Calendar and holidays in Australia 2019
Calendar and holidays in Australia 2020

Note that you can change the design and format of the calendar if you wish to print it out.
You can also choose any year.
timeanddate.com Although titled "Holidays" the list contains some days that are only observances 
*It is advisable to double-check with the websites for the individual departments of education in case any dates have changed.

Date sources - International

Web page Provided by - Comment
Calendars and holidays Canada
Calendars and holidays China
Calendars and holidays India
Calendars and holidays Indonesia
Calendars and holidays Japan
Calendars and holidays New Zealand
Calendars and holidays Pakistan
Calendars and holidays United Kingdom
Calendars and holidays United States

Note that can change the country and year.
And you can change the design and format of the calendar if you wish to print it out.
timeanddate.com Although titled "Holidays" the list contains some days that are only observances 
New Zealand school terms and holidays Ministry of Education, New Zealand  

Special days of the year - Australia and International

Web page Provided by - Comment
Australian Education Calendar Aussie Educator Provides Australian and international special days throughout the year. See also Special days and public holidays.
For Your Calendar For Teachers For Students  
Calendar of Environmental Events
Australian Government Provides a list of environmental AND OTHER events.
Department of Health and Ageing Australia calendar of events Australian Government Provides a list of health AND OTHER events.
Calendar of events Our Community Pty Ltd Lists major events, anniversaries and celebration days.
The National Calendar Do Something! An extensive list of Australian national and state community events with a social or environmental focus. Provides additional lists of Australian school holidays, public holidays and election dates.
Greening the Blue events page Greening the Blue United Nations and environmental events and issues
ESL Holiday Lessons eslholidaylessons.com Provides a list of international special days (with ESL lesson activities for each).
Calendars of events Australian Government Provides a list of various calendars of special days and events.
Calendar for Australian schools (NO LONGER UPDATED) EdNA Special days through the year. Although the list is now well out of date, this page is useful for obtaining the relevant web pages for many special days through the year.

See also our On This Day in History page




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